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Young Cuts! - The Movie making Workshop

Young Cuts! The accountability film-school calls application for it’s 2nd batch of Young Cuts! The accountability film-school chapter Biratnagar.  Young Cuts!- a 12-days movie-making workshop targeted to young (Below 29 years) aspiring moviemakers. The workshop consists of classroom based lessons (5 days) as well as field assignments (7 days). By the end of the workshop, the participants will have learnt the basics of various aspects of moviemaking as well as written and produced a short movie. Generally, following topics are covered during the workshop:

1. History and development of Cinema

2. Fundamentals of visual story telling

3. Impact of visual media in the society

4. Conceptualization, Story Development, Planning,

5.  Script Writing,

6. Cinematic appreciation

7. Camera Techniques & Shooting

8. Acting and Characterization

9. Post-Production (Editing)

10. leadership development

This workshop is in collaboration with Accountability Lab Nepal. Therefore, in addition to aforementioned topics, following topics too are covered during the workshop:

1. Importance of Accountability

2. Promoting Accountability Through Visual Media

This workshop will be divided into two parts:

Part 1: The class-based filmmaking workshop will run for 6 days. During these 6 days participants will learn several film making aspect through sessions and experiences stories from resource persons. In this class based workshop participants will have to make two short films a) Photo Film and 2) Motion film

Part 2: Participants will be divided into 2-4 teams and they will complete their final film-making project according to stories selected from idea pitch market.

Who can apply?

This workshop is open for all young and aspiring film-makers age of 18-29 from all around the Nepal.

What to bring during Workshop?

We encourage all applicants to carry a DSLR/ still compact cameras or any video cameras and laptop but it is not compulsory.


  1. Onion Films
  2. Brittany Wait

Venue: Hotel Namaskar, Traffic Chowk, Biratnagar

Time: 10am-4:30pm

Registration Fee: NRs. 2,000

(includes references notes, books, films, tea/coffee, lunch, T-Shirt and certificate)

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: 12th August, 2016

Class based session: 14th-18th August, 2016

Final film-making project: 18th-26th August, 2016

If you have any queries and if there is any problem applying online, please contact Suman Rai(Biratnagar-9842051153) and Nabin Bhatt(Kathmandu-9843873434)